The first day of every self-drive safari is a mandatory initiation day in the handling of Land Rovers.

The following safari drives are just an outline of the kind of areas you could be exploring if you book a holiday with Wildways. We have tried to minimise the amount of time you will spend on busy public highways. We provide you with the approximate ideal time required to complete each route, but normally this is dependent on how long you wish to spend in the National Parks. In this respect clients booking the safari drive camping option will be a lot more flexible in changing timings then anybody opting for the lodge-to-lodge tour, where accommodation dates have to be pre-booked. Certain sections of a route can be cut out or alternatively you can go from one route to the next.
On receiving the payment of your booking, you will be sent a starter pack that includes a step-by-step description of your intended route and maps.

We currently offer three circuits, which cover the majority of Kenya's most celebrated wildlife destinations. SEE MAP & ROUTE DESCRIPTIONS HERE

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